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Mixing is where the magic really starts to happen. It’s where you take all the tracks that you’ve recorded over the past days and weeks (months?) and turn them into a song.

Mixing is the art of taking 6 or 16 or 24+ tracks of music, and turning them into one stereo mix that people will hear on their iPods, in their cars, on their home sound systems.

Mixing is also the art of knowing not just what to add, but what to take away.

Mixing is not hard, but it does require a set of skills that can be learned over time.

Actually, mixing is much harder than learning to play your guitar or keyboard, bass or drums. it’s much harder than booking a gig at the local club or coffee house.

But it’s absolutely NOT HARD when you know how; when you know what to do

How to Approach a Mixing Job

Different people have different methods of mixing and I’m not going to say that one is necessarily better than another. What I will say, however, is that one method works better for me, and it may work for you as well.

I work mostly with rock, pop & singer-songwriter aritsts, as well as some electro dub-step & house music. While each is unique they do have some similarities in terms of mixing. For starters, most all have drums and bass, guitars and/or keyboards, and (usually) a vocal.

A Space For Each Instrument

Great mixes, in whatever genre, have some things in common. The biggest is that each instrument has it’s own space in the mix and isn’t competing for the same space as another instrument. This is accomplished primarily by using 3 tools:  LEVELS: (how loud or soft a track is compared to the others); EQ: (a huge topic unto itself); PANNING: (moving sounds to the left or right or center).

Other things affect how all the instruments fit together such as the AMBIENT FIELD (Reverb, Delay, Chorus & the like) and COMPRESSION (another work-horse tool you’ll soon be getting comfy with)

There’s a lot to learn and don’t worry if some of this seems confusing.

A great way to get a solid understanding of the ins & outs of mixing is to join Joe Gilder in his awesome class called Mix With Us.

Mix With Us!

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