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Studio Monitors

So far we’ve talked about GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome), and why buying more gear isn’t necessarily a good idea. We’ve talked about your computer, choosing and installing some recording software and getting dialed in with an audio interface.

We’re almost there!

What Else do I Need?

One final piece of gear is on the “must have” list. Studio Monitors or headphones. This is one thing that you really can’t scrimp on. “Monitors” are a special type of speaker designed for studio recording. Most stereo speakers don’t accurately tell you what’s been recorded, because they generally have some “color” to them. Bass boost or midrange spike. A decent pair of monitors can run several hundred dollars or more but, again, you don’t have to have high end gear to get a solid recording. Here’s a list of monitor options in a wide range of prices.

Alternatively, you can skip the monitors for now and just use headphones. Don’t try to do this with the earbuds from your iPod – those things will NOT do the job for you. I suggest getting a good pair of headphones. You’ll be using them a lot!

Get the kind that completely cover your ears and help block out other noise. You want them to fit snugly and be comfortable and, if you read the specs, you want a pair that has a frequency response of approximately 20 – 20,000 Hertz.

Still with me? Good!  You’ll be glad to know that, at this point…

You Don’t Need Any More Gear!

With a decent computer, your free or paid DAW, audio interface, and pair of monitors and/or headphones, you are now ready to record some awesome sh*t!  No more trips to the music store. No more busting out the credit card or messing with PayPal. Let’s record some MUSIC!

Next Time

In Tip #6, we’re gonna set up our gear and get ready to record our first track.


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