Premium Training

Premium Training

Want to learn more but not sure where to start?  Here are some great e-courses, videos and premium training programs to help you get up and running and get the most from your home studio. They were created by Joe Gilder of the popular blog Home Studio Corner. He’s a total pro and I guarantee you’ll be blown away.

Understanding EQ

EQ is one of the most awesome tools you’ll be using. It will turn lifeless tunes into works of art and help you sound awesome! In this tutorial series, you will learn how to become confident in your ability to EQ anythingMore…

Understanding Compression

Next to EQ, Compression is your best friend in the studio. It’s like an “automatic volume control’ that will help you make pro-quality recordings. In this series, you’ll learn how to become comfortable with compression and what it can do for your sound. Click here to learn more.

Understanding Pro Tools

New to Pro Tools? Want to pull back the curtain and meet the Wizard? In Understanding Pro Tools you’ll walk you through the program during the course of over 3 hours of video content, explaining the things you need to know to become a more confident Pro Tools user. You’ll even get the first video for FREE. Click here to nail it.

Understanding Editing

Editing is basically the process of taking your raw recordings and tweaking them, polishing them, getting them ready for mixing. In these videos (over 3 hours), you’ll quickly grok the geekery and how it will help your mixes come alive. Things like removing unwanted pops and clicks from a vocal track, putting the bass in the pocket, getting a good groove with the guitar and drums. Everything you need to be an editing rock star is right here at your fingertips. More info…

Understanding Your Room

You’ve probably been there. Your mix sounds AWESOME, until you play it in the car, or on your iPod.  Why is that?  Well, maybe you suck!  (Just kidding) There could be lots of reasons but the biggest one is this:

Your room is lying to you!

Understanding Your Room gives you 6 hours of training on room acoustics and acoustic treatment. A lot of people skip this step when setting things up in the studio, but it’s worth the time & effort. This series just nails it! Click here to learn more.

Home Recording Tactics

9 different recording engineers share their insights and tips on how they go about making great recordings. Click here for more.

Training Courses

Recording Killer Vocals

In this 4-week class you’ll learn the keys to getting great vocal recordings every time. You’ll dig deep into recording and mixing techniques to help take your vocal recordings and make them shine. Click here for more info.

Recording Acoustic Guitar

Here’s another 4-week class, where you’ll learn the ins and outs of recording awesome-sounding acoustic guitar tracks.There are some fairly simple techniques that make all the difference.  With the experience of recording tons of acoustic guitars over the years, all that knowledge is packed into a solid 4-week class to help you get better acoustic guitar recordings. You can join any time. Click here for more information.

Production Club

The Production Club is the flagship course. Over 18 weeks you’ll walk through the entire production process in detail — Pre-Production, Recording, Editing, Mixing, and Mastering. More details here.

Mix With Us

Joe Gilder is a singer-songwriter in addition to being a recording engineer. Prior to releasing his latest album, Out of Indiana, He launched Mix With Us, a 10-week training course. As a member, you download the full multi-track audio files for all 10 songs from the album. He also provides a video tutorial showing how he mixed each song. You have the chance to mix the album in your own studio and submit your mixes for critique/review. It’s a LOT of fun. Click here to find out more.

Note:  I get a commission if/when you decide to buy something, but I’ve used his products myself and I truly believe they’re awesome!