Doesn’t ANYBODY Play Guitar?

More CowbellI know you’ve been there. You work your ass off for weeks and months trying to build something really cool, trying to create a big slice of home studio awesomeness. You’ve got the basic gear together; the computer and the DAW, you’ve got studio monitors and maybe a good pair of headphones; your instruments are ready to rock and you’ve got a decent microphone or three.

Let’s say you’ve been working with your bass player or guitarist or whoever to help them get up to speed and you’re ALMOST ready to go into the studio and lay down some awesome tracks.

And then it happens.

“Hey, dude. I’d LIKE to be there but I have this family thing (or work thing or <fill-in-the-blank> thing) and I just can’t make it.”

At the last minute, somebody lets you down and chooses to make something else more important than you.

What do you do?

Well, YMMV, but here’s what I do. if it’s the first time, or secord & maybe even the 3rd time I’ll be understanding and try to rearrange things to make it work,  If it’s happened a lot, then, well, I fire that person. Fire them fast and do it now. Doesn’t matter if they’re your best friend from high school. They’ve made the choice to make your music less important that other stuff in their lives.

The longer that person stays around, and makes you feel like they’re doing you a big favor by showing up, the longer you’ll feel like you don’t deserve to work with people who share your passion and are willing to do whatever it takes to make your vision explode onto the stage or into the bank of awesome home recordings.

If Someone Doesn’t Respect You, Fire Them

Fire them and move on ~ End of story.

Yeah but, isn’t that kind of harsh?

Well, it is and it isn’t.  It’s hard enough to put a band together, write and arrange the songs, schedule rehearsals, book the shows and all the rest. Or, if it’s just you but you’re relying on other people to help you get things done, same deal.  I swear, trying to get all the musicians and players in the same room at the same time is like trying to nail jello to a tree. Or like trying to herd cats. It’s HARD!

Personally, I’d rather work with a guy who’s maybe not super stellar but who has a great attitude and is eager to show up and work hard  and be part of your musical team. I’d rather have that guy that some one who may be a much better musician but only looks at you as a means to showcase their own prowess. Know what I mean?  Those people, while they may be awesome players and stunning musicans, are not in the game to help you.

Ain’t Nothin’ Like the Real Thing, Baby

What I want, and what you probably want, are people who share your vision for home recording and performance, people who will work WITH you to help build something awesome; people who are willing to show up and help you get the job done.

This is just my two cents, but if you find that your old friend who was totally on board at first but is now dragging her feet, that person you thought you could always count on but they now seem to be dropping the ball…

Cut your losses.

Fire them and move on. Even if you have to move forward not knowing what happens next. The longer you let them stay around, the more you’ll wish you’d fired them months go. Dude, trust me on this one. You can’t afford to work with people who bail when the pressure is on.



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