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AKG C414This will be a pretty short post.

I don’t often get riled up. I’m generally a pretty level-headed guy, but this time I just gotta say what’s on my mind.

No amount of GEAR will help you, if you don’t first learn how to use it. Well, that’s not quite true, because how can you learn how to use something if you don’t have it yet, right?. Point taken.

Thing is, (and I get this all the time), some peeps seem to think that they can’t make a great home recording until they get certain pieces of (usually expensive) equipment.  Like, “If I have the right equipment, then I’ll be able to rock it!”  Somehow, the equipment will make their recordings sound good.

I hate to break it to ya, but it’s ain’t true. Here’s the deal:…

Gear Will Not Save You!

Let’s say you’re on a budget (like DUH!) and you only have a limited amount of gear.  The absolute BEST thing you can do is learn how to use what you have. I don’t mean just  knowing what the knobs & buttons do.  I mean really using them and listening carefully to what they do.

For Now, Use What You Have

DON’T bust out the credit card to buy more stuff, dude.  That probably won’t help you as much as taking a bit more time with what you already have, and using it to make your recordings the best they can be.

I can’t say this enough. don’t buy more gear until you know, without a doubt, how to use what you have. A laptop, free software and a $25 mic can sound awesome if you do it right. If you do have more equipment, that’s awesome!  Use THAT too. The point here is just this:

Use what you have and learn what it can and cannot do. When you find something you really need, and your gear can’t do it, THEN (and only then) start looking at buying some more stuff.

Mm kay?


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