Welcome to Home Studio Geeks!

Photo of Craig OlsonCraig Olson here, a blogger, musician and recording engineer from Bellingham Washington and creator of Home Studio Geeks.  My goal with this site is to provide awesome value and excellent information to help you make great home studio recordings.

To pull that off, I write articles, create ebooks and make videos on every facet of the recording process, from pre-production right through to mastering.

What This Site Is:
If you’ve found this page, chances are you want to make great home studio recordings. I will help you do just that.  There’s a lot to it, but it’s easier than you might think and it doesn’t have to cost a lot.  I’ll show you how to set up your home studio, how to pick the right gear and help you learn how to use it.  We’ll talk about microphones, software, plugins, compression, EQ, and lot’s of other stuff.

We’ll talk about the 5 basic steps required to make great recordings at home and I’ll show you step-by-step how to get your recordings to sound more like the pros. We’ll also talk about some common mistakes newbies often make and how to avoid wasting your time on stuff that doesn’t work. My goal is to help you make the best recordings you can, not take forever to do it, and not break the bank in the process!

What This Site is Not:
I won’t be teaching you how to write songs or play your guitar (or bass or keys or drums or ukulele, or…)  I won’t be talking about guitars or guitar amps (though I am a guitarist and a gear geek). Well, OK, I might get into guitar gear now & then because I just can’t help it, but for the most part I will focus specifically on RECORDING Great Music in your home studio.

So dive in and again, Welcome!


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